Buy one 30-minute Pet Phone Reading Gift Certificate, 

​$55 each

Pet Phone Reading Gift Certificates

  • No expiration date
  • Use for yourself or give as gifts to family & friends
  • Communicate with any pet, living or passed
  • ​Multiple pets welcome
  • May also use Skype (required for outside US/Canada)​

What is a Pet Phone Reading?

It is a 30-minute phone call between Jackie and the pet owner.   During the call, Jackie connects telepathically with the pet to ask questions and relay information back and forth between the pet and the owner.   Think of Jackie as your language interpreter! 

Why do a Pet Reading?

Ask your pet how he is feeling both physically and emotionally.  Ask your pet why he acts a certain way and resolve many behavioral issues by explaining what you want your pet to do...and why you want him to do it.   Correct misunderstandings between people and pets.  Find out if your pet wants a companion animal, and what kind.  Find out if your pet understands he is in his forever home (many adopted pets do not realize they are safe!).   Explain upcoming events such as vacations, moves and house guests to reduce your pet's anxiety.   Ask what would make your pet happier.   And find out if your pet has any questions for you!

To purchase pet phone reading gift certificates, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below.   Please note, if the form does not submit (having issues with web browser Internet Explorer version 9.0 or earlier),  please email your request to - thank you!!
  2. Gift certificates must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.   You may use the below links to pay using PayPal.  Jackie also accepts credit cards over the phone.
  3. After payment is received, Jackie will email each gift certificate to you as a pdf file that you may keep for your own use or print/forward to family and friends.