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Please fill out and submit the form below to sign up for a Pet Phone Reading (note, if the form doesn't submit, please email your request to Jackie@AnimalTalkWithJackie.com)


Purchase a 30-minute Pet Phone Reading for $59

 Animal Communications -  Pet Phone (or Skype) Readings for any pet, living or passed

Why talk with your pet?  By communicating with your pet, we may be able to:

  • Resolve many behavioral issues by understanding why your pet acts a certain way
  • Explain upcoming events such as moves and vacations
  • Find out if your pet is in emotional or physical pain
  • Clear up misunderstandings with your pet 
  • Ask your pet if he wants a companion animal (many do!)
  • If your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, we will be able to connect to provide comfort and closure for you

Animal Communications is telepathic and easily done over the phone!

  • During your pet phone reading, I will call you and then connect telepathically with your pet so that we may have an interactive three-way conversation between you, your pet, and myself.   I advise that you write up a list of questions ahead of time to refer to during the reading. 
  • Pet readings are 30 minutes for $59 and may include multiple pets (please note that if there are serious or detailed issues to discuss, we may only have time to work with one pet in 30 minutes).​​​
  • I do not accept missing/lost pet cases.   I would like to refer you to:
    • Cheryl McClea at cheryl@aspirewellnessnow.com, 302-366-1727 (East Coast time), www.AspireWellnessNow.com

    • Kate Alexander at kate4animals@gmail.com or 267-585-4228 (East Coast time).

To sign up for a pet phone reading with Jackie, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below.   I will contact you to set up the date/time for your phone pet reading.   International sessions must be done with Skype. 
  2. Email a photo of your pet to Jackie@AnimalTalkWithJackie.com.  I only need one photo per pet and if possible choose one that shows the face while awake.  I am able to do the reading without a photo if necessary.
  3. Sessions may be paid in advance using the below PayPal link or at the time of the phone session by credit card.   I do not accept checks.  
  • Cancellation and "no show" Policy:  Pet reading sessions must be cancelled at least 24-hours in advance.   If a client cancels within 24-hours or is a "no show" for their pet reading session, the session will be billed in full.