Animal Reiki for dogs, by Carolyn N.

Both of my dogs are 14 and have substantial health issues.  I started Reiki for Jade first and after seeing significant improvement and well-being with her, I started to use Reiki for my other dog Sparky.  I feel the Reiki has improved their quality of life.  Many times, I can tell when they have had the Reiki because they have a little “bounce in their step” afterwards.

I have also worked with Jackie to communicate with my dog who passed away last year and both of my living dogs.  Being able to communicate with them is helpful to me regarding their care but also gives me a feeling of peace from the knowledge I gain during the sessions.  In fact, I have given others gift certificates for pet readings this year and the recipients were thrilled.

Pet reading (peace maker) - Ginny & Luna the cats, by Emily G

I can't thank Jackie enough for helping me deal with two loving cats, sisters, who had a terrible falling out after a trauma to one of them. I spent a week trying to reintroduce them, with some improvement, but was resigned that they would never again be close. I found out about Jackie through a person whom Jackie had helped with a difficult issue for her cat. The morning I sent pictures of my two cats to Jackie, they were still at a stalemate. That afternoon, after I had been away doing errands, I got home, opened the doors that were separating them, and they went back together as though nothing had happened. I could not believe the transformation. Jackie determined why one of my cats had attacked the other, communicated with both of them and between them, and brought about their complete reconciliation. I am so grateful! I have my loving cats back together again! I highly recommend this gifted woman for your pets if you are dealing with difficult issues with them.

Usui/Holy Fire Advanced/Master Reiki Class, by Melvina B.

I recently completed Holy Fire Reiki Master training with Jackie and was curious from the onset of the impact it would have on both my clients as well as myself.  From the moment I received the ignition in class to working with Holy Fire in my practice at my center, the increase in opening, energy flow and the  positive impact to my clients has been both obvious as well as very beneficial for them.  I also currently perform distance treatments on a few clients who are very ill.  The positive impact these clients have experienced has been exceptional.  I believe Holy fire Reiki to be pretty powerful and would be an added benefit to any Reiki practitioner no matter their level.  I also believe Reiki practitioners would benefit from Jackie' s teaching style, her commitment to the practice and the gift of service she offers during her classes.

Usui/Holy Fire Advanced/Master Reiki Class, by Phyllis N.
Taking the Holy Fire Reiki training with Jackie was very enriching. It really increased my awareness of the power of Reiki to heal and nurture each other and ourselves. I especially love how it has enhanced the Reiki that I have offered to my animals and hope to offer to many others.  Most of all, Holy Fire Reiki reinforced for me the commitment to live a life that stays true to the tenets of universal love, patience and compassion.  It is a humbling and reverent experience.

Reiki Level I Class, by Winky S.

I wanted to take Advanced Reiki Training Classes and it had been five years since my training and certifications in Levels I and II, so I chose to repeat them. I just finished Jackie's Level I Reiki Class and cannot wait for the next class! Her method of teaching is not just steeped in knowledge,experience and common sense, but a day filled with materials and activities that are clear and organized, pleasing to the senses, functional and just plain fun. Thank you Jackie for engaging all of my senses!"

Animal Communications and Animal Reiki, by Phyllis N.

I recently had the pleasure of having Jackie visit my home so that I could learn more about animal communication and animal Reiki. During our visit, she also communicated with my 2 horses.  It was such an enriching experience.  Jackie was able to provide a lot of information from my horses that validated so many things I had questioned and wondered about.  She is truly gifted.  During the Reiki treatment, my horses were in such a relaxed stated and even fell asleep. The time spent with Jackie was so worthwhile.  I really feel that my ability to understand my animal friends has blossomed because of the time I spent with Jackie.  I highly recommend that anyone who wants to have a better relationship with their animals contact Jackie.

Pet Reading (spleen tumor)- Holly the dog, by Sue K.

My 11 year old Maltese, Holly, has been an epileptic for 10 years. We have tried every medication available in all combinations, and even gone the holistic route, but nothing stops her monthly seizures, which, through the years, have progressed to 2 day cluster seizures. So last fall when she stopped eating, and was doing so poorly, not herself at all, we naturally assumed all the drugs and the disease itself had finally taken its toll on our sweet little girl. WRONG!
I contacted Jackie to speak with Holly, I wanted to hear from Holly what she was feeling. Jackie was able to tell me that she had significant left sided abdominal pain and should be seen by the vet so off we immediately went. The vet confirmed she had tenderness on the left side of her abdomen and recommended an ultrasound be done to find the problem. That ultrasound revealed a large spleen tumor which needed to be removed. I was stunned, shocked that there was really something else going on, worried it was cancer, and surgery was performed the following week. The tumor was behind the spleen, which is why it was not detected on examination. It also had begun bleeding, and was huge, had been there for some time. Biopsy report showed it was the type of tumor which is usually found on extremities, not a spleen! My vet  was so surprised, not sure how she could have it in her spleen, very strange. But it also was not a malignancy that needed any further treatment. The very next morning post op, Holly was hungry! She ate like I hadn't seen her eat for months. 
I cannot thank Jackie enough ever for saving the life of Holly. Had she not spoken to Holly, she would not be here today. I just cannot say enough how grateful we are to Jackie, there are no words for it. I will continue to contact Jackie when I know something is not right with my animals for guidance in their vet care, knowing she can lead me in the right direction.

Pet Reading (calming)- Daisy the dog, by Eileen J

Hi Jackie - I wanted to touch base with you about a reading you did for my little Daisy girl back in March. I can't thank you enough for the information you provided. Particularly the classical music and asking me to tell her the specific number of hours I would be away at any given time. Also, the change in the words used when talking to her (i.e., target, don't won't, etc.). She is a different little girl now as a result of those changes and I thank you!! You are truly amazing! 

Pet Reading (sense of smell)- Rocco the cat, by Judy M

Jackie Rettberg  is a gifted animal communicator. My cat, Rocco, had to be secluded overnight for two weeks following radioactive therapy. He was placed in an upstairs bedroom where he proceeded to l cry and do  body slams all night. Jackie told me that he wanted to be in the basement because he didn't like the smell of a new carpet in the room.  I didn't want to put him in the basement due to the cold. I finally gave in and listened to Jackie. Rocco was content in the basement, just as she said he would be.

Pet Reading, Pet Reiki Treatments - Sonny the dog, by Susan P.

I had never worked with anyone before who could communicate with animals, so I was skeptical at first that this was "for real."  We had a foster dog in our home named  "Sonny" who was a

real challenge, full of anxiety and issues I felt were out of my league to try and understand or heal; I was desperate to try and figure out what made Sonny so anxious, because no one was willing to adopt him with all his "issues" and tendencies towards fear aggression.  So, I agreed to give Jackie a call, based on a recommendation from Rescue Dogs Rock.  I can't tell you enough how much comfort Jackie brought... not only to me, but more importantly to Sonny! I wish I had contacted her months beforehand! Jackie performed "past hurt" healing Reiki on Sonny and it was like he was a whole different dog. A sense of peace took over him and he seemed happy for the very first time since he arrived in our home.  I am confident that he will soon be adopted into a loving and caring "furever home."  I can't thank Jackie enough for all she did to help sweet Sonny find the peace and happiness he'd been waiting his whole life to feel :-)

Pet Reading (calming)- Maeve the dog, by Pam C.

Since Maeve came home to us at 7 weeks, she has been a challenge in one way or another. A tremendously gifted obedience dog, Maeve whined during her long stays with me out of sight. We tried rewarding quiet stays with treats. We used negative stimulus with a squirt of lime juice when she whined (she liked the lime juice). We tried Rescue Remedy and Composure tablets without any success. We finally asked the vet for medication to calm her down but that had limited success also.

Since our session with you, Maeve has been quiet during her stays with perhaps a tiny bit of whining which she stops when corrected vocally. Additionally, her behavior is much better when we practice with my friend Nancy and her two dogs. Maeve would cry and whine when her brother would come out of a crate and Maeve would go in the crate so he could work. When Nancy was present, before the session with you, Maeve would carry on. Since then, she's been really good. You got through to her. Thank you!

Pet Reading (toothache)- Bentley the dog, by Penny and Valerie

Bentley is a rescue dog that my daughter got from a shelter. We had no history on Bentley other than they thought he was about two years old. We suspected that he had been abused as he had a severly mangled ear. When my daughter got him it became obvious that he did not like to eat. We decided to consult Jackie to talk to Bentley to find out why he had no appetite and ate so poorly. This is after trying numerous methods to get him to eat.. Different dog foods, dry dog food,etc. Jackie came over and connected to Bentley. Jackie asked Bentley why he wasn't eating. He said the food hurt his tooth. Jackie's hand went to the left upper side of her face and asked Bentley if that was where his pain was. Bentley confirmed to Jackie that his tooth hurt on the upper left side and was very painful. Bentley also told Jackie that he had been kicked in the mouth by his previous owner and thats why he ran away. My daughter took Bentley to her vet in DC and this vet couldn't find anything. She took him to another vet when she moved back to the area and without suggesting anything about tooth pain the vet says, Bentley has a cracked tooth is his left upper jaw and needs to come out! Bentley had dental surgery and is now pain free. Bentley told Jackie thank you and how much he appreciated that Jackie helped the humans find out his issue. Bentley now eats well, he's gained 10 lbs!

Lost dog (found!), by Julie M.

Jackie is the reason our family had a wonderful Christmas this year. A few days before Christmas my 16 year 8 month portuguese water dog wandered away. We live on the edge of a preserve above the Big Elk Creek. I was with him outside, answered a phone call, and he was gone. A neighbor and I searched everywhere until dark. Up at dawn the next day others assisted me. I thought for sure he didn't make it through the night and was gone forever. That next morning, a friend recommended I call Jackie, I had never known of Jackie before. She answered my out of state call and gave me explicit directions on his location within 20 minutes. I was absolutely in shock. As she found from him that he was alive and ok but told her had soreness in locations where we knew he had arthritis. Then he said he was trying to find his way home through is nose and smelling for vinegar and trash. Odd it sounds...but our family cleans EVERYTHING with vinegar and it was trash day - we had had a party a few days back and had extra trash outside. Then - she asked for assistance of angels bc he didn't know where he was. Her directions to me were: He left out the back door (True) turned right, went down the hill and can be found in the direction of east south east. I found a compass, did exactly what she said and there - bless his heart he was. Its been a challenging year for a number of reasons. I want to thank and commend Jackie for not only saving my dog, my first born - his life thus ensuring a wonderful family Christmas - but also for renewing my faith. My faith that there are truly higher beings out there with us and in support of us. I am extremely faithful and have entered 2015 with a refreshed attitude. Jackie thank you and bless you.

Pet Reading, Pet Reiki Treatments - Fiona the dog, by Ellen T.

When Fiona, my 14 year old cocker spaniel, was diagnosed with mammary tumors I was told it was a 50/50 chance they were malignant.  And she was having other issues related to hormones.  I had a horrible decision to make - put a 14 year old dog under anesthesia or do nothing and watch the hormones wreak havoc on my baby.  I had taken Jackie’s animal communications class and was very impressed with her so I scheduled a communication session.  Well that conversation made the answer clear to me.  Among other things, Fiona said she was strong and that she healed fast.  During that call, Jackie suggested Reiki.  I wasn’t too clear on what that was, but if she thought it would help my baby, I was all for it.  I scheduled 4 sessions and Jackie and her guides came up with the schedule for those sessions that would best benefit my girl - one session 3 days before the surgery, a session the afternoon of the surgery, a session the day after surgery and the last one 3 days after that.  On the day of the surgery Jackie sensed that Fi would need another session the night of the surgery because something (not necessarily bad - just taxing) was going to happen around 7:00 p.m.  When she told me that, I let her know that that was around the time I would be getting home with her.  We got home at 6:45 and she was very antsy and wouldn’t settle down.  At about 7:05 she settled right down and went to sleep!!  After her Reiki session the day after the surgery she started eating again!!  After that her recovery was so fast and smooth that you would think Fi was only a few years old instead of a senior citizen!!  3 days after the surgery she was rolling around on the floor like a puppy!!  I can’t thank Jackie enough for suggesting Reiki.  I believe it made a huge difference in Fiona’s recovery!!  Jackie’s understanding of and compassion for our pet friends (and their human companions!!) is evident in everything she does.  Jackie - Fiona and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us during what could have been a devastating time for both of us!!


Pet Reading - Dog in Spirit, by Carolyn N.

Bailey came into my life when he was about 5 or 6.  I was helping out his owner who had rescued him, by walking him a few times a week at Wissahickon Park.  It was love at first sight! Eventually, Bailey came home with me  to stay.  He was a BIG yellow lab who weighed close to 140 lbs. when I got him.  I walked him at the park every chance I got.  I grew up riding horses on the trails but hadn’t been back since I had stopped riding.  I felt safe with him and would often veer off the trail to go by the creek path.  I loved being back at the park.  Sadly, Bailey died just a few years later from kidney disease.  Thanks to my wonderful vet, he enjoyed a wonderful life even after he was diagnosed and was lucky to have had a perfect passing, having a great walk in a local park just before he died.

Bailey had been gone for over a year when I met Jackie and she was doing a reading for my other 2 dogs.  Bailey came through the reading and said that I should go back to the place with the trees and water where we used to go.  He said I was so happy there, I should go back.  He also thanked me for a peaceful passing.  Jackie did not know any of this.  Those days are long gone but the long walks in the park remain a wonderful memory.

Pet Reading (poisoning) - Rocky the cat, by Marcia C.

I have a 12-yr. old kitty Rocky.  He is mostly an indoor cat, except he doesn't like to share the litter box.  So he goes out for that.  He can go in and out but one morning he wasn't there.   Highly unusual.  He finally came in that evening.  I noticed he wasn't eating.  After 3 days, I called Jackie.  In talking with him, he told her his stomach and kidney hurt.   She asked him if he ate anything different.  He told yes, and it looked like CORN on the sidewalk.  My neighbor had put out Raid red-ant pellets.  THEY ARE LITTLE YELLOW PELLOTS.   When the vet ran blood work it showed his liver count was way off, meaning poison.  I am happy to say he is doing well now.  Thanks to knowing what he ingested.